Verona Minor Hierusalem

Verona, the small Jerusalem.
An idea that, in addition to being referenced in the Veronese Statutes of 1450, has an ancient tradition, dating back at least to the time of the Archdeacon Pacifico (Quinzano 776-778 – Verona 845), for forty-three years Prefect of the Scriptorium Capitulare.
An ancient document states that he had composed a dictionary and that under the letter “V”, an entry dedicated to Verona, he spoke of the city as if it had been founded by Sem, son of Noah, with the name of “Lesser Jerusalem”.
In the Middle Ages it was not easy to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, so it must have seemed useful, and a reason to shine for a city, to have a small Jerusalem in one’s own home. An urban and spiritual investment that made several cities: Bologna, Pisa, Lucca and Verona in fact.

“Verona Minor Hierusalem” is a project of the city that for some years has materialized and that aims at the enhancement of the Veronese churches, their role and their historical and religious identity.
The three paths of discovery – Resurrection from Water, Reborn from the Earth, Reborn from the Sky – are possible and usable thanks to the combined action of the newly formed Foundation and its volunteers and various public bodies, promoters and supporters of this new reality that aims to the enhancement in a historical, religious and artistic sense of the city of Verona and its deep connection with the Holy Land.

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