Let’s play with Tocatì

The city of Verona, as every year, says goodbye to the summer season with one of its most exclusive and beloved events.
From 12th to 15th September 2019 the magical historic center of Verona will be animated by several fascinating initiatives of Tocatì, the International Street Games Festival.
Special guest of this 17th edition is Brittany, with its traditional games, sounds and dances: a picturesque atmosphere of maritime traditions, dominated by the blue of the sea, the grey of the stone buildings and the green of the large meadows. A deeply artisan imaginary that you can touch by trying your hand at the game tools made mostly of wood and skillfully finished by hand. An atmosphere to be experienced dancing to the sound of the traditional Bagad or to be enjoyed with the delicious dishes of Breton cuisine.

The Tocatì is the magic of the playful traditions of ancient times and never forgotten, which every year, in September, transforms the city center of Verona in a time machine and space to discover the different cultures of our planet.

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