4. The Montague neighbourhood

The area around Ponte Nuovo was controlled by the Montagues, the protagonists, both in myth and history, of the factions fights that bloodstained Verona throughout the 13th century. To reach it, it’s necessary to cross the square known today as Piazza delle Poste and the botanical gardens where the Scaliger palaces continued. It was Can-signorio, in the middle of the 14th century, who extended the former palace of Alberto I to the south, still visible today. The houses of Juliet’s family and Romeo’s family were then separated by the residences of the Lords of Verona.
These houses represented the present for Dante, the terrible reality he himself was forced to face when the rival faction drove him out of Florence. And the same fate would befall Romeo, exiled from Verona after the killing of Tybalt, as told in 1500 by Luigi Da Porto, the first author of the celebrated story that would be immortalised by William Shakespeare at the end of the same century.

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