2. Porta dei Leoni

S. Fermo is located at the beginning of the cardo maximus (today Via Leoni and Via Cappello), the main street that together with the decumanus maximus form the original Roman street network of the city. Following it, you can reach the ancient Roman city gate known as Porta dei Leoni (the lions’ gate). There are still many traces in Verona of its Roman history, as the city was able to avoid the most ruinous barbarian invasions thanks to its mighty walls; in the whole northern Italy, it was only in this city that Dante was able to see the essence of ancient Rome translated into stone. In Verona, his political dream was concrete and visible in its architecture that expressed radiance and civilisation. Also the overall structure of the city is a manifestation of the vision of the ancient Romans: a harmonious and grand plan, perfectly completed by St Peter Hill that acted as a magnificent scenic background thanks to the superb theatre (the current Roman Theatre) and the temple above.

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