Ponte Pietra

Let’s start from Ponte Pietra, the “Pons Lapideus”, one of the earliest signs of Roman presence in Verona. From here you can admire Monte Gallo or St Peter Hill. It had been inhabited since prehistoric times and was completely turned into an area to host theatrical representations by the Romans in the Augustan age. The remains of this magnificent theatre are still used today for spectacular events. Climbing the “Scalone” of S. Pietro, you will have a view of the city skyline; sinuously embraced by the Adige and by green hills, dressed in red, pink, ochre and green. At the top of the stairs, from the courtyard in front of the 19th-century Austrian barracks known as “Castle of King Theodoric“, you will be able to see a two-thousand-year-old figurative chessboard in its entirety: the king is the Theatre, and the Arena its queen, the tower bells the bishops, the bridges the knights, the ancient houses the pawns.

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