7. Piazza Erbe

… Talking about markets, here is the city’s historic market, the heart of Verona that has beaten for 2000 years: Piazza Erbe. All the houses here date back to mediaeval times, the splendid painted houses are the Mazzanti houses: the former Scaliger barns, and also the Domus Mercatorum, the home of the merchants, belonged to the Scaligers (built by will of Alberto). Instead, the façade of the ancient Palazzo del Comune is in Renaissance style;  a festive baroque palace stands like a background for the square: Palazzo Maffei… Also here is a concentration of the history of the city that manifests itself in an architectural scene of extraordinary vitality. The fountain contributes to the liveliness of Piazza Erbe which, at the time of Dante, was certainly crowded with merchants and artisans. And it is no coincidence that the fountain of Madonna Verona has a dual essence: with its mediaeval head and the Roman body of a pagan goddess, it is the symbol of the link between the classical world and the modern Christian world. A union which Dante longed for and which seemed to exist in Verona, a city that has been able to stay alive in every age…

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