6. Piazza dei Signori and Cortile del Tribunale

Dante’s statue is located in the centre of the square overlooked by the Scaliger palaces as Dante would feel at home in this place. And it is interesting to note that this is not a common place: the excavation of the Roman street under the current Via Dante revealed a vast archaeological underground area.
At the Scavi Scaligeri Photography Centre, beneath the Courtyard of the Tribunal, inside that which was the palace of Alberto and Cansignorio della Scala, visitors can travel in time through 1300 years of history among mosaics of Roman villas, foundations of mediaeval towers, houses of the 5th century AD and Longobard tombs of the 8th century!
Dante walked on a soil that was like a concentrated collection of the city’s extraordinary history. However, he would also perceive the historical importance of Verona in: the continuous coming and going of renowned personalities, the building sites where magnificent churches were being erected, the liveliness of the markets…

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