Scaliger Tombs

The Scaliger Tombs of Verona are a monumental funerary complex in Gothic style, erected by the Scaliger family to contain the arks (tombs) of the most distinguished representatives of their house.

The tombs are enclosed by a wrought iron fence with a stairs motif, the symbol of the family, while the sarcophagi are positioned on the ground or on raised surfaces. The arks are:

  • the ark of Cangrande I Della Scala, placed above the portal of the church, was the first of the tombs to be built in the 14th century by will of the deceased. It was designed by the same architect of the Church of S. Anastasia who designed a Gothic tabernacle supported by dogs in solemn barding; on the lid lies the statue of the deceased, while the sides are adorned with depictions of religious themes in high relief and military bas-reliefs. On top of the baldachin is a replica of the equestrian statue of Cangrande I. Since 1921, the original has been kept at the Museum of Castelvecchio along with his grave goods
  • the construction of the ark of Mastino II began in 1345 and its design underwent numerous changes over the years: originally, it was painted and gilded, enclosed by a railing with four statues of the Virtues at its corners. The sides of the ark are adorned with religious motifs while a statue of Mastino II lies on the lid, watched over by two angels. The baldachin has trilobate arches and features religious high-reliefs on the front, counterpoised by the equestrian statue of Mastino II, currently replaced by a copy while the original was recently moved to the clock tower of Castelvecchio.
  • the ark of Cansignorio dates back to 1375 and is the most richly decorated. The sculptures, designed by Bonino da Campione, depict holy warriors, characters from the Gospels, Virtues and Apostles, plus the large equestrian statue of Cansignorio
  • the richly sculpted sarcophagus of Alberto I, made in 1301
  • the hanging ark of Giovanni della Scala


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