Verona and surroundings

The history of Verona

A city with more than two thousand years of history, Verona is today the second city in Veneto for intensity and consistency of its economic activities, in addition to being a very popular international tourist destination.
Favoured by its geographical location, it probably had Raetian-Etruscan and Euganean settlements but the earliest reliable evidence of civilisation dates back to the 4th century BC.
In the Roman age it was a major political and commercial centre (even since the 1st century BC) of which there are still important remains today, in particular the famed Arena, the symbol of the city. It was also the capital of the Lombard Kingdom before Pavia.
Verona’s history was marked in the twelfth century by the founding of the free City, an event that gave the city a new urban shape. After that, in the second half of the 13th century, the city fell under the rule of the Scaligers who maintained control of Verona until 1387. After a short period under the Signoria of the Visconti family first and then of the Carraresi, rule passed into the hands of the Republic of Venice, to which Verona surrendered voluntarily in 1405. The Most Serene Republic ruled the city until 1796 when the area was invaded by Napoleonic troops with which the Austro-Hungarian empire had to compete for the hegemony until 1815. Following the Congress of Vienna, Verona was definitively ceded to Austria which continued to rule the city until 1866, the year when Verona was annexed to the new Kingdom of Italy. 

The surroundings

The land of Verona is rich, hilly, fertile and varied: rich in colours, scents, culture and history.
A benevolent and generous land with its typical products: rice, wine and oil.
Wisdom and tradition still live today in the numerous farmhouses and farm businesses.
Located in the heart of Veneto, the city is surrounded by the Lessini Mountains, a large pivotal area in the North of Verona, that is Verona Mountains, including Lessinia Regional Park and the renowned Lake Garda, with its villages and towns full of characteristic views, art; a place where to enjoy wonderful walks in every season.
The things to do in this area include very popular Theme Parks, a popular attraction for hundreds of thousands of families every year, for the enjoyment of young people.
You also have the opportunity to visit other cities rich in charm and history, i.e., Vicenza, Padua and Venice. They are located just a few kilometres away from Verona and are all reachable in a short time by train.

Plan your trip in Verona and surroundings

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