Dante Alighieri in Verona

No place other than Verona could have been the “first refuge and first hostel” of Dante Alighieri after he was banished from Florence in 1302. Here, he lived from 1303 to 1304, wrote “De Monarchia”, many letters and most part of Paradise. Here, he made his “Comedy” known.


Verona, the city of love. On the ancient stones… Juliet’s steps An itinerary that follows Juliet’s steps

This itinerary through the heart of the city of the Scaligers is an oneiric tour of the old squares, alleys and shady backyards. Here wanders Juliet’s ghost. The illusion of pure and unspoilt love that endures over time and belongs to the magic of dreams.


Verona for Kids

Verona treasure hunt for children. Verona is a magic city to explore!
Find out hidden treasures with our engaging and funny city treasure hunt.


Verona by bike

A nice ride of about 5 km from Piazza Bra to the Church of San Zeno in Oratorio to admire the most famous monuments of the city, such as the Arena and Castelvecchio.
The itinerary comes from the guidebook Bike Bike Verona “Su due ruote alla scoperta della città” by Paolo Fabbri and Beppe Muraro…



Napoleon named it “Veronetta” to annoy the Austrians. Yet, this “unimportant Verona” hides treasures and secrets. A semi-circular path that goes from an “old” bridge to a “new” one, and that recalls the shape of the ancient Roman theatres, thrones…


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