House of Guglielmo Guarienti da Pastrengo in Vicolo Verità

Among the many political refugees, also another pillar of the Italian language stayed in Verona: Francesco Petrarca. Pietro Alighieri, Dante’s son, and the poet were friends. He would often sojourn here, in the house of his friend Guglielmo Guarienti from Pastrengo with whom he shared a love for the classics or for any other discovery they would make at the nearby library, the Biblioteca Capitolare… In addition, Petrarch’s father was friends with Dante and he had been exiled from Florence for the same political reason. Therefore, although on the one hand Petrarch had experienced the suffering of exile, on the other hand he could enjoy the favourable cultural climate that had developed in Verona. Enthusiastic about the humanistic world that he was able to find in the classical texts discovered in Verona, he found renewed vigour in his cultural research and commitment to restore peace in Italy.

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